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                     Our Jerseys are all purebreds  Registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association, AJCA.
                     We got our first Registered cow in 1978, she is the calf in the picture below.  A premature calf given to us
                      after she was born in a snow storm in a field next to our house.  When we called the neighbor to
                     tell him she was born, he said to keep her if we wanted to, that she was too early and he didn't have
                     time to fool with a premee calf.  Well we went out and got her, brought her in the house and thawed 
                     some goat colostrum, finally got her warmed up enough that she would take it and she was fine from
                     that day on.   Several of our children showed her during her younger years.  Ellie lived to be 12 years
                     old. .  Ellie left many offspring in our herd and others.

                                                    SS ELLIE MAE  our first Registered Jersey.  She was born
                                                    premature and stayed in the house for a month after she was 
                                                    born in a snow bank.  Holding her is daughter Mari Stewart
                                                    Mari was 5 years old in this picture.  Calf born  2/2/78

                                         1955 ....my first Jersey Cow, (my 4-H project), Bossi....and her Heifer calf
                                       ....Penni...also our first AI calf, she was sired by semen that had been flown in
                                       to Springfield, MO and distributed to the AI technicians to breed cows.  The plane that
                                       they used to fly the semen was called the Flying Bull.  Semen had to be used fresh since
                                       a safe way to freeze semen had not yet been developed.

    winning Jr Champion at Ozark Empire Fair
    shown by Mari Stewart
  This cow is from the "J" line of our cow families.
                SHAMROCK REMAKE PADGENT           

                            sire ROCKELLA REMAKE 29JE3083
                           dam SHAMROCK HOB NOB HANKY PANKY

Padgent is being shown by grandaughter Sheena Williamson.....
the show was the Barry County  4-H FFA youth show,  PADGENT WAS Grand Champion of the day
  Padgent is from the "P" family.....  The first member of the P family was Green Acres Prudent Plum.
  purchased from Ray Nickel of Butterfield, MO.


  Shamrock Pride Pattycake   born 4/18/03....she's telling me its time to milk
       sire...Sweepstakes Valiant Pride
       dam...Shamrock Remake Pagent  (cow above)


                        Shamrock Pink Pride, paternal sister to Patty above

                The Grand kids helping and showing Shamrock Jersey Heifers
                Mindi helping neice Tammy Jo, Clifford is next, on down the line is Kirstyn and Jerika
                 showing their  heifer calves in the kiddie klass  at the Barry County  Youth 4-H /FFA
                 Livestock show.  This show is one of the High Lights
                 of our Summer. 

           Chore time on the farm.......
                  Grandaughter Mindi Stewart feeding heifer calf before going to school one morning.  Nov 2003


                      Pinky's 2008, Gelbvieh cross heifer calf, she sees her bottle.



              Feeding the bigger heifers is another part of morning chores here on the farm


    Still feeding heifers


             SHAMROCK EXTREEM PRINCESS   Princess is from the "P" family of Shamrock cows.
                                                                               she won Grand Champion in many 4-H/FFA shows
                                                                               she placed second to the Res Grand Champion at the
                                                                                  2003 Ozark Empire Fair. Fancy young cow
                             sire  PIEDMONT NADINE EXTREEM-ET

                           dam SHAMROCK SKYLINE PRINCESS


          Shamrock Jay Pride Passion
                                                           Passion is now at home in TX......Thanks Ina


                SHAMROCK JAY PRIDE PASSION   shown milked out, Passion is 1/2 sister to Shamrock Extreem Princess
                  these  cows are out of SHAMROCK SKYLINE PRINCESS
                                                                 sires sire SWEEPSTAKES VALIENT PRIDE
                       sire SHAMROCK PRIDE JAY
                                                                 sires dam SHAMROCK JASMINE BROOK
                                                                 dams sire ROCKY HILL SKYLINE
                       dam SHAMROCK SKYLINE PRINCESS
                                                                 dams dam SHAMROCK BRIGADIER PUFF

                                 Shamrock Rodeo Eve  or as we call her Babe
                                           sire....Shamrock Champion Rodeo
                                                dam....Shamrock Centurian Esmirelda


        Shamrock Skyline Princess..... Princess had just won
        2nd place at the Ozark Empire Fair Jersey show.
                             sire......Rocky Hill Skyline
                                       dam.....Shamrock Brigadier Puff
  Baby heifer, Nonnie in her new home 
   with Susie Price  getting aquainted
         with her new neighbors


  New Mini Jersey bull and his dam and sire
  Mini Bull....Bodacious will be used on heifers in
  the Shamrock herd to produce 1st generation mini
  Jerseys.  It will be in the future tho as he was born
6/25/06*****Bo's first calf a heifer was born
Jan 11, 2009, she is polled


    Peaches and new born baby mini bull calf, our new mini herd sire, Bodacious,  he is polled.


               Alex, the sire of our new Mini Bull


             Another shot of Peaches and the baby mini Bull Bodacious


              Peaches showing her small size with lady 5'3"


     Bodacious as a yearling standing behind one of the standard size Jerseys,
      with the bright sun in his eyes.
     in the background are some of the Semental cross calves.

Born 1/11/09

Our first 1/2 Mini Jersey Heifer, she is polled and so sweet.

   Hope born 1/11/2009


               sire   Bodacious

                                   DC Peach Blossom

                                   Rock Ella Remake-ET
              dam  Shamrock Remake Prima Dona  113375110
                                    Shamrock Extreeme Princess
                                           pictured above

               Shamrock Bo Hope


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