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Junior Oberhasli Doe

          SHAMROCK RHIANNA       B1475275  B
             SHAMROCK BEYONCE       B1475274  B                
               dob  3/3/09  Both Black
                                        ++B Tonka-Tails Sir Chesterfield
        Milk-N-More Chet's Sir Chadwick

                                        Mlk-N-More Molly  O'Day

                                        *B Penjac Excell

       Fitz-Maple Leaf Lovie 1*M
                                        Penjac Red Lakota's Lavina

    Rhianna & Beyonce will be bred to purebred polled buck  Milk-N-More Dillon

     AB           dob 6/1/09    red/black points     

Milk-N-More Chets Sir Chadwick            
                                                         PENJAC RED TRACKER

                ++*B    CATOICO SUMMER SON

                                                         CATOICO SUMMER STORN 4*M

                                                        PRAIREVIEW OH MAJOR

                    WYOJEM RUM DAISY 6*M

                                                          WYOJEM PINA COLODA
                                                    dam's sire  THE LAZY HB'S HOT TATER
   07 LA VEVV 87       05 LA +EEV 86
                                                    dam's dam SHAMROCK RED ROC CRICKET
                  dam   SHAMROCK EBONY

       Daisy bred to Sir Chadwick for March kidding
            Shamrock             B
    Milk-N-More Chets Sir Chadwick

                                                                 sss +*B Catoico's Summer Day
                                   ssire*B Catoico's Willow Bay
                                                                ssd Catoico's Whispering Willow 1*M
      *B Catoico's Willow Extreem   
                                               sds  +*B Catoico's Summer Sun
        Grand sire                            damCatioco's Willow Xpress
                                                  4*M    sdd  GCH Penjac Xcept 4*M
Shamrock X Whisper                             sire's sire *B CATOICO'S RED TRACKER
                              sire *B RIVARD-FARM STORM TRACKER

                                                              sire's dam  CATOICO'S LIZZY RT 4*M
           Rivard Farm Violet
                                                           dam's sire  *B CATOICO'S RED TRACKER

                              dam  RIVARD-FARM FALL

                                                           dam's dam  RIVARD-FARM JAYNELL
                       Shamrock X Whisper  bred to Sir Chadwick for March kidding
               SHAMROCK MS ZINA  
                red bay/black points  6-6-07


                    GREAT  grandam Sugar-Ridge Zena, after winning Jr Champion



                                                           sire's sire 

         sire Milk-N-More Chets Sir Chadwick

                                                         dam's sire 

       dam  Shamrock Zanzerade

                 SABLE JR DOES

          QUALITY-CAPRINE SEN SEQUEL        AC 1428602
     dob  7/15/07     Sundgau

     ELITE DOE 2009

                                                         sire's sire ++*B SG  Pandanus CVR Executive Suite

              sire *B Mega-Milkers Suite Sensation AS1384357

                                                         sire's dam GCH Mega-Milkers Saigon 1*M

                                                         dam's sire SGCH Lake-Country Romantic Scimitar

              dam Mega-Milkers Scmitar Mariachi AS1303365

                                                        dam's dam SGCH Mega-Milkers Scimitar Nietzche


                 Sequel is a Sable from white America Saanen parents, special thanks to
                 Shelly Lienemann of Lyman Nebraska for Sequel and to Jamie Burks for
                 bringing her to us  from the 2007 ADGA convention in Colorado.




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