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Recorded Grade

       PERSIMMON HILL COCOA PUFF 2*M        E1125467

          E1125467    LaMancha/Toggenburg
         June 05  LA VEEE 90  5-258-2493-71-62
          DOB   2/15/99 died 10/08    Chocolate with Togg markings
            Cocoa Puff is 4th place on the  ADGA top ten list 
            this year with a record of 5.11-303-3,400-87-86  
   Cocoa Puff was 1st place aged doe and 1st place Mother/daughter
   at all 3 shows she attended this year, as well as milking 3,400 lbs of milk
   2006 in the Ozark Empire Fair show 
   2006 Missouri State Fair
   2006 TN State Fair           

                                          sire's sire     ++*B COASTSIDE LANDLUBBER  L

               sire     SHEKINA LANDS PHOENIX  L

                                            sire's dam     SHEKINA LANDS SS CARESS  L


                                          dam's sire    *B OKIE-LADIES TRAILBLAZER  T

               dam     PERSIMMON-HILL LOLLY POP 1*M   T

                                          dam's dam     PERSIMMON-HILL OLT LOLLY  T

                       Cocoa Puff is a very correct doe her LA score relates this VEEE 90.....Cocoa has
                       high wide rear udder with nice size teats that are placed well on the udder.  
                        She is a long level up-hill doe with that long bone pattern and  nice angulation..
                         ..and she milks....her ME is 3830 lbs, she made over 3400 lbs and is on the ADGA top ten list
                        ....her actual production in 04 was -204-2482-68-61  Her 05 production was 
                       Cocoa has one GCH leg and another that she lost because she had 2 sets of tattoos.
                        she has been Res GCH 3 times, Once to her daughter seen below

                        Cocoa has always been grandaughter Mindi Stewart's # 1 showmanship doe
                        so well mannerd and easy to handle she is the perfect showmanship animal

          SHAMROCK COCOA PLATO      

                 E1245308     June 05   LA VVVV 87     6/29/06  LA VVVV 87
                 DOB   2/22/02 died 2/09   Chocolate w/white Togg markings
                 Toggenburg/LaMancha  4-302-2029-59-55

   she was Grand Champion in a large Recorded Grade show this year at
   the Ozark Empire Fair with Chuck Peterson judging.  
                                          sire's sire   ++*B NIMRODEL SAUSALITO  T

                sire   *B LITTLE-O-ACRES SALSA SEATTLE  T

                                          sire's dam   GCH OUTLAW ACRES TOOTLES 1*M  T


                                         dam's sire    SHEKINAH-LANDS PHEONIX  L

                dam   PERSIMMON-HILL COCOA PUFF 2*M  E

                                         dam's dam    PERSIMMON-HILL LOLLY POP 1*M  T

                     Top Showmanship doe Plato taking Tammy Jo to her Winning Showmanship at the 2006
                     Missouri State Fair, ADGA Queen Annabelle Thomas presending award....

         Plato was Jr GCH at Mid South Fair in Memphis as a kid, where she won her 1st dry leg, under Harvey Considine..
         she won several Res GCH wins this year and has one milking leg she won at the 2005 SMDGA
         Quad show.  Judges comments have been  "Extremely Fancy young doe"
          Plato loves the show ring and  is following in her Mom's hoof prints being Mindi's #2 showmanship doe,
          being so gentle and  easy to handle she has the job of breaking in all the young grand kids teaching them 
          Grandaughter Tammy Jo was one of her first students.....
  Shown after winning Grand Champion at the Missouri State Fair, Pat Hendrickson judging
   She just finished her GCH at the TN State Fair, winning Res Gch to a permanent Champion
   doe with 27 does in competition.....Stephen Ritchter judging.

          GCH SHAMROCK ALTO  1*M     E1308150  
     6/29/06   LA VEEE 90  
         Alpine/Toggenburg Experimental       
        Alto is ME'd at 3443 this year.... 2-374-3908-110-100  incomplete

         Lavendar cou-blanc
         DOB           8/1/03  Alto was just awarded Res Grand Champion at the 2006 Ozark Empire Fair
         with Chuck Peterson judging.  We are expecting great things from this fancy Alpine type doe.
         Alto was sired by our senior Togg buck
         *B Little-O-Acres Salsa Seattle

                                          sire's sire     ++*B NIMRODEL SAUSALITO  T

                 sire   *B LITTLE-O-ACRES SALSA SEATTLE  T

                                         sires' dam    GCH OUTLAW ACRES TOOTLES 1*M  T

                                         dam's sire    FANCY M   A

                 dam   THE SR ANNIE'S CHIPMONK  AA

                                        dam's dam   THE SR PRINCESS ANNIE  AA

                  Alto is a stylish doe that looks every bit like a purebred Alpine.  Her first show out she
                   went GCH in a large class and got her dry leg.  She is long, level, and angular.
                   Walking out on strong feet and legs, we expect great things from this doe.

                Shamrock Blackberry Puff        E1384141
                        dob 4/1/06


                                         *B South-Fork SC Titan

                    *B South-Fork TTN Habanero   L1297889

                                        SGCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M

                                      Shekinah-Lands Phoenix

                      Persimmon-Hill Cocoa Puff
                            LA VEEE 90            2*M

                                                  Persimmon-Hill Lolly-Pop *M


Shamrock  Alisha     E1388656   

dob 1/20/06
 cou-clair broken with white, elf ears. Alisha freshened with gorgeous udders. 

                                                      *B Shamrock MGD Vindicator   L1284160

                      *B Shamrock Gladiator  L1330104

                                                      SG Shamrock Ginger Blue*M  L1162175
                                                                 LA VEEE 90
                                                      +*B Little-O-Acres Salsa Seattle  T1161912

                          GCH Shamrock Alto *M  E1308150
                                   LA VEEE 90

                                                        The SR Annie's Chipmunk AA109144


     SHAMROCK  HAB PIPSQUEAK         E1388657
       dob  3/5/06

                                                 *B  South-Fork SC Titan  L

                      *B   South-Fork TTN Habanero  L

                                                   SGCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M  L

                                                    *B Winterwoods H Bearrat's Echo  E
                        Shamrock Dezi   E

                                                    Oaks Whisper Day Break of Sno  E

Pipsqueak freshened with an absoultely gorgeous udder, we are anxious to see
her second freshening udder.



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