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         Junior LaMancha Herdsire

       Krishellen X Prom Night L1510870

         dob 3/20/10   Solid Black

                                          +B  Altrece AP Very Berry

                   *B CH Lucky*Star's AV A-Xiom

                                            SGCH Lucky*Star's QK A-LLure 5*M

                                           ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed

                   Krishellen Twilight

                                            SGCH Krishellen Dark Time

                                                 LA  EEEE 91

Senior/Junior Lamancha Herdsires
                *B   SHAMROCK HOT REVENGE          1464903
                         dob 3/1/08     died 1/13/11    Chocolate

                We have some does bred to Revenge for 2011 kidding
                                                 +*B  South-Fork SC Titan

              *B  South-Fork TTN Habanero  
                                            GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M
                                                       LA EEEE 92

                                              +*B Pansy MGD

                Shamrock Midnight De-Lite  5*M

                                             SG  Pansy TLB Lucky VII  4*M
                                                     LA VEEE 91

    Rear udder shot of dam Shamrock Midnight De-Lite 5*M


              dob  2/23/08   Blond/white paint

                                         GCH +*B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher
                                                              LA EEE 92
                Devonshire EC Con Ayre

                                          SGCJ Devonshire EP Electra 7*M
                                                            LA VEEE 90
                                          CH Willow Run Virtorsity Sunra

                Here Be Goats Sunra Calypso

                                          Here Be Goats C-Quinn 3*M
                                                  LA VEVV  88
           Very correct buckling....we wish to thank Sara Stewart of Oaks Whisper herd
             for letting us use this promising young buck.  See more Oaks Whisper LaManchas
             at www.oakswhisper.com
   We will have a few does bred to Con-Artist for 2011

GCH +*B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher                 SGCH Devonshire EP Electra 7*M
           LA  EEE 92  grandsire of Con Artist                       LA VEEE 90

CH Willow Run Virtuosity Sunra                                Here Be Goats C-Quinn

           SHAMROCK WAS VIQUERIO      L1463141
            dob 4/13/08
                                                Timber*Cove Studley Dew Right

                   Kirshellen What a Stud
                                                   SGCH Kirshellen EZSpirit 
                                                          LA EEEE 90
                                                   *B Shamrock Blackjack
                  Shamrock Blackjack VooDoo 2*M
                           LA EEEE 91
                                                     The Flying J Vanessa 1*M

     We were excited to get to breed VooDoo to Kirshellen What a Stud, so we decided to keep this
       fancy, stylish son, especially after seeing his daughters first freshening udder in the Oaks Whisper herd
         Oaks Whisper Wild Flower who has finished her GCH this fall.  We think this will be an excellent
         way to keep the good qualities of our Pansey line and also bring in the virtues of Kirshellen and Timber*Cove


                  Shamrock Blackjack VooDoo, dam of Viquero                             GCH Oaks Whisper KWS Wildflower
                                                                                                                                 paternal sister to Viquero

                                 *B   LUCKY*STARS LOT WARRANT            L1361057
                                 DOB  1-21-06  We lost Warrent but do have a limited amount of semen

LA 6/29/06   young stock VEcV  V
                                                                              sire' sire's sire  *B KASTDEMUR'S INSIDE INFORMATION
                                                 sire's sire *B KASTDEMUR'S BAD RAP
                                                                             sire's sire's dam   GCH KASTDEMUR'S BAD HABITS 1*M

                 sire     *B  LITTLE ORCHARD BR PURE THRILL L1290537

                                                                             sire's dam's sire    *B LUCKY STAR'S QM PARALLEL  (Krystal's Son)
                                                sire's dam  GCH LITTLE ORCHARD PL PURE JOY 9*M
                                                                             sire's dam's dam   GCH LITTLE ORCHARD PH PURE CHARM 8*M

                                                                             dam's sire's sire   TAN OAK NOVASON'S LANDMARK
                                                dam's sire   +*B QUIXOTE JO'S MONET
                                                                             dam's dam's dam   GCH QUIXOTE JOELLE *M  LA 91EEEE             
                 dam   GCH LUCKY*STARS QM A-RRESTING    6*M      L1218028
                             June 06 LA EEEE 92
                                                                           dam's dam's sire    ++*B QUIXOTE KATE'S KAREEM
                                              dam's dam GCH LUCKY STAR'S QK A-LURE 5*M
                                                                           dam's dam's dam   LUCKY STAR'S C KARISMA 4*M

            GCH   Lucky*Star's QM A-Resting 


                        SGCH Lucky*Star's QM A-Rresting  6*M   LA EEEE 92.....picture taken at 4 years of age 2006


                                             Little Orchard BR Thrill......sire of Lucky*Star's LOT Warrant

        We are so happy to get this new Jr herd sire, Through the graciousness of Don and Judy Hoy we got him
         as a replacment to the buck kid we lost last year.  He got hung in a fence when we put him out in a pen.
          so a very special  "THANK YOU to Don and Judi Hoy of LUCKY*STAR FARM"

         Warrant is everything we wanted in a herd sire, he has lots of size, bone and dairyness.  His pedigree indicates
           he will sire the desired charateristics we are looking for to enhance our LaMancha herd. Lucky*Star LOT  Warrant 
           should  compliment any LaMancha doe, in any herd.......  SEE THE LUCKY*STAR'S ANIMALS AT...
            Limited amount of semen available at the farm.


            Reference Only

                    We lost Willy last year.....seeing his daughters freshen
                     has made us realize it was a tremendous loss...
                                                                                                ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information       
                                                                          ss *B   Kastdemur's Bad Rap
                                                                                               SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 1*M
                                        sire  CH  *B  LITTLE ORCHARD BR LYRIC   L1291591
                                                                                               +*B South-Fork CH Night Magic
                                                                         sd   SGCH Little Orchard NM Elegant Lady 7*M
                                                                                           5-04  LA EEEE 91
                                                                                              GCH Little Orchard P Gypsy 6*M
                                                                                                             7-02  LA EVEE 90

                     Willy Wonka, died spring of 2007 but left many beautiful doe kids

                                                                      CH  UTOPIA SPARKLING OBSIDIAN  LA VV+E   88

                                                                   SC PromisedLand L Willy Wonka, should tie in beautifully with Warrent above
                                                                         both going back to Little Orchard & Kastdemurs

                                                                                    *B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrupaul
                                                            ds   *B Kastdemur's JRumRunner
                                                                                      SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M
                                                                                              5-05  LA EEEE 93
                        dam  CH UTOPIA SPARKLING OBSIDIAN  L1294514
                                          June 06 LA VEVE 88
                                                                                     ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tulmet
                                                                                                  3-04   LA EEE 92
                                                      dd   SGCH Kastdemur's Black Beauty 3*M
                                                                   3-03 LA EVEE 90
                                                                                      Kastdemur's Adorra  2*M
                                                                                      2/3       LA VEEE 90
                    Willy Wonka's dam just finished her GCH with 3 GCH wins.  His full sister also got one GCH win.
                     Limited amount of semen available at the farm
             Reference Only
            NIMNUS  JOLLY JOKER      L1401644
       brown & white   dob   2/4/06/2/3/08

                                                                                     Winterwood Medicine Man
                                                         One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed
                                                                                      Elm-Glen Tribute Tumore
                                   Autumn-Acres Talon's Jrufio
                                                                                      One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed

                                                           One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrupent
                                                                                      One*Oak*Hill Mac Jarupa

Lost Nation Jrufio Rapscallion    sire of Jolly Joker                               
                                                                                        Rockspring  Lionel Dutch Dude

                                                         Rockspring Dude Dixana Dashing
                                                                                      Rockspring Vin Dinah Dixana

                                 Lost Nation Dashing Roulette   
                                                                                     Ryan's Ridge WM Evening Star
                                                           Udder Lee Black Russian
                                                                                       Altrece Petals on the Wind

                                                                                          Me's Ranch Touch of Class
                                                            Velvet-Acres Mega Man
                                                                                           Lady Bug Greystroke Omega

                                     Velvet-Acres Master Yukon

                                                                                           7* Cedars Paige Master
                                                              Velvet-Acres Paige Master
                                                                                            Rockn' CB April's Melody

 GCH Drucken Hanks My Javlin  *M  dam of Jolly Joker       

                                                                                            Me's Ranch Czar Tanner
                                                              Altrece Tanners Rocket
                                                                                            Hibb-Herd Zap Cloud Nine
                                    Drucken-Hanks TR Diamonte
                                                                                            Winter Woods Dream Master
                                                              Drucken-Hanks DM Aspire
                                                                                            Velvet Acres Porsche

                       GCH Drucken-Hanks My Javalin *M    dam of Jolly Joker

                    Reference Only

 SENIOR HERD SIRES            
  +*B Pansy MGD     L1061295
          1997/2007 Sadly, Pansy died winter of 06
                                       +*B  PANSY MGD           L1061295       

            DOB     2/20/97                Blond w/white spots

                                   sire's sire   +B ROCKY-RUN ALEX'S  EXCLUSIVE

          sire   WINSTAR CUSTOM DESIGN

                                   sire's dam   CH WINSTAR BRYANNA

                                           dam's sire   K-LOU D. KATMANDU

          dam   SGCH PANSY DK MADI GRAS 2*M
                              All time breed leader for butterfat.  Has over 20 GCH wins.
                                   dam's dam   GCH MEADOW CREEK DOTTIE 1*M

        Pansy is an udder buck.  He is a powerful, deep bodied buck.  Tremedously uphill, wide flat open ribbing.  Long bone pattern.  Standing on solid feet and legs.  Very straight front legs with solid upright pasterns.  If you need improvement in mammary and feet and legs (pasterns) this buck will correct it.  He has 1 GCH daughter to date.  His dam, GCH Pansy DK Madi Gras 2*M is the all time record holder for Protien in the LaMancha breed, having milk records of over 4000 lbs of milk, and has over 20 GCH wins as well as many BDIS wins and BUIS.
His twin sister is a GCH and has several DHI records in the top ten list.  GCH Pansy Peachy Keen3*M  has won many BDIS wins.  Semen is available for $25 per straw limited availability. 

                   GCH Pansy Peachy Keen 3*M                         SGCH Pansy DK Madi Gras 2*M
                 4-369-5089-245-172   LA EEEE 92                      LaMancha breed leader for butterfat
           BDIS    and BUIS awards   Twin sister to MGD      she has over 20 GCH wins, dam of Pansy MGD
   Another picture of daughter Charm at the 2003 ADGA Natioal Show            Rear udder shot ot another daughter....
                                                                                                                         Shamrock Midnight Delight....DeDe


                  Reference Only

                            *****SOLD*****   Thanks Jill

   2007 Res Grand Champion (Cate) and the Grand Champion (Cayenne)
                           of the ADGA National Show 2007
9 year old doe SGCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M winning the top award at the
                         top show of the DAIRY GOAT world.

Habanero son of Cayenne and 1/2 brother to the premier sire of the show.

             DOB       3/1/04                  Chocolate               L1297889

Habanero daughter in another herd just went Best Jr Doe in Show at Yellvlle,AR
                                    sire's sire   +*B TEMPO SCOTTY

           sire   *B SOUTH-FORK SC TITAN

                                    sire's dam   GCH TIMBER*COVE DD HONEY COMB 1*M

   *B SOUTH-FORK TTN HABANERO                                                                                                               
                                    dam's sire    +B TIMBER*COVE M SIR HERSHEY

           dam   S GCH SOUTH-FORK H CAYENNE 4*M
                                 LA EEEE 92

                                    dam's dam   SOUTH-FORK CH FIREFLY 3*M
       Habanero is siring a lot of style and grace in his offspring, he also puts very good feet and legs on them
       with an outstanding excutchion width and rear udder arch.  An added plus is the sweet and gentle dispo-
       sition he instills in his kids.  His dam is an out standing doe, winning 2nd place at the 2005 ADGA
       Nationals.  She stood second to the Reserve Grand Champion doe.  Then as a 9 year old she went on
       went on to win the Grand Champion of the 2007 ADGA National show.  We are very excited to freshen
       some of his daughters this spring.  Watch for them in the shows next year.  Thank you Marylou for
       sending us such Great Herdsire.  To see more of the wonderful dairy animals at Southfork visit
       Habanero semen available at the farm.  Look for more Habanero daughters in the
       J-Haven herd of Jill Prichett.  www.jhavenacres.com


          GCH *B SOUTH-FORK H CAYENNE 4*M   dam        GCH Timber Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M
           LA EEEE 92                                                                          paternal grandam.      LA EEEE 90
****Grand Champion 2007 National Show*****
                                           Typical    Daughter of Habanero.....   long and level, strong
                                            feet and legs, stylish fancy kids.
                     Reference Only      Sold

    *B   SHAMROCK GLADIATOR             L1330104      SOLD!!!!

      DOB       6/30/04                       Apricot & white Paint

                                    sire's sire   +*B Pansey MGD

           sire    *B   Shamrock MGD Vindicator

                                    sire's dam  The Flying J Vanessa 1*M

                                    dam's sire   PANSY DLM CHEROKEE CHIEF

           dam   SG SHAMROCK GINGER BLUE 1*M
                        LA VEEE 90

                                   dam's dam   PANSY BLB GINGER BLUE
                    SG  Shamrock Ginger Blue *M                            GCH Shamrock Lucky Charm 2*M
                      LA VEEE 90  2.11-286-2503-101(4.0%)71(2.8%)    full sister to Vindicator, the sire of Gladiator
                               dam of Gladiator                                                                                    LA VEEE 90

                                               sire's sire     



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