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Senior and Junior Oberhasli HerdSires

                MILK-N-MORE CHET'S SIR CHADWICK         B1320736
                     Purebred Oberhasli Buck
                      dob 5/20/04       VVV 88...5/08

                                                 Cardinal Hill Adam Eros

                 ++B Tonka-Tails Sir Chesterfield

                                                 SGCH Body Shops Cherry Angel Cake 5*M

                                                  Milk-N-More BJ Super Lad

                   Milk-N-More Molly O'Day

                                                   Milk-N-More G/B Mitz O'Day

             Purebred Obie buck with excellent breed charater......
           Sir Chadwick was just Linear Appraised and was awarded VVV 88
           he got E in head, E in Back and E in rump....

  We went to the Buck show at Neosho, MO on May 10 where Chad was GCH in ring 1 and in ring 2


                    GCH PENJAC XCEPT 3*M   grandam of Extreem

                                                            PUREBRED OBERHASLI BUCK
                     We lost Extreem this winter

            *B CATOICO'S WILLOW EXTREEM             B1332673       
              DOB  2/20/05-8/4/06


                                   sire's sire   +*B CATOICO'S SUMMER DAY

            sire   *B CATOICO'S WILLOW BAY

                                  sire's dam   CATOICO'S WHISPERING WILLOW 1*M

                                  dam's sire   +*B CATOICO'S SUMMER SON

            dam   CATOICO'S XPRESS 4*M

                                 dam's dam   GCH PENJAC XCEPT 3*M


American Oberhasli buck owned by Tina Autry, for more information on using this buck or for daughters/sons
     contact Tina at tautrey@mo-net.com    Tina also has a polled purebred buck Milk-N-More Dillon

                                   AMERICAN OBERHASLI BUCK
  *B CATOICO'S BACARDI SON        AB1337537
       dob 2/19/05  barn name "Scooter"
Beautiful dark red bay Obie buck
won Res GCH at the 1st annual

                                                                   Penjac Lady's Red Rogue

                                            *B Penjac Red Tracer
                                                                    Penjac Takota

                 + *B Catoico's Summer Son

                                                                   Swiss*Dreams Catoico Franklin
                                              GCH Catoico Summer Storn4*M (Oberhasli Breedleader, top 10)
                                                                   LA VEE+ 88
                                                                   Lady-Bug Acclaim Omaha 3*M

                                                                  Pan's- Pride Talisman Oh-Man

                                              Prairieview Oh Major
                                                                   Prairieview Annies Hannah
                 Wyojem Rum Daisy
                         6*M                                           Wyojem Sir Moe
                                               Wyojem Pina Coloda  5 *M
                                                                   Tutlelu Manzanita 4 *M
                A special THANK YOU! to Tina Autry for letting us use this wonderful buck.
                   Scooter, has daughters fresh and is proving himself an Udder buck

  Chad's paternal sister Mischief   2006 TN State Fair                                 Udder close-up of Mischief
  Mischief, paternal sister to Chad winning GCH 2007 TN State Fair

     Milk-N-Mor Nite Bird  another beautiful doe from Marlys Miller's herd.
      New Johnsonville, TN  ****e-mail***  Milk-N-Mor@webtv.net
       or phone 931-535-2703

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