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Junior and Senior Toggenburg Herd Sires

The SCS R Eragon
   dob 5/30/10


                                                *B Huricane-PM HP Pride & Glory

    *B Shamrock Sweet Reward

                                       Shamrock Sugar Pop 2*M


                                       *B Tedz Alize Tucson

    Shamrock Tucson Ester 3 *M

                                       Shamrock Eveeta 2*M



.   Home bred Jr Herd Sire.....    

                    dob  3/4/09

                                                  *B Little-Rainbow SIR Jeorge

               *B Huricane-PM LRSJ Pride

                                                    GCH P-K-Acres Pollyanna 15*M
                                                               LA VVEE 90
                                                    ++*B Whisper 'N' Pines MDKP Jaguar

                Huricane-PM WNPJ Gloria  3*M
                    LA EEEE 91
                                                    GCH Whisper' N ' Pines  Whintin Godivia 2*M
                                                                                 LA EEEE 92
                                                   ++*B Nimrodel Sausalito

              +*B Little-O-Acres Salsa Seattle

                                                   GCH Outlaw-Acres Tootles 1*M

            2 year old LA VEVE 89
                                                     *B Oakie- Ladies Trail Blazer

                  Persimon-Hill Lolly Pop 1*M

                                                     Persimon Hill OLT Lolly                 
                       Semen is availble on PRIDE & GLORY
                          priced  at $15 per straw or 5/$60

                       Huricane-PM WNPJ Gloria, dam of Pride and Glory
                            LA EEEE 91 at 3 years of age

                      GCH P-K-Acres Pollyanna 15*M Paternal  grandam of PG
                                     LA VVEE 90

                        GCH Whisper 'N' Pines Whintin Godivia 2*M
                               LA EEEE 92, dam of Gloria, and grandam of PG

                +*B LITTLE-O-ACRES SALSA SEATTLE  T1161912

                Note that Salsa is retaining his facial stripes as an aged buck   
                        DOB   3/1/00-07                                           
                Salsa had 2 daughters in the winners circle  with Recorded
                Grade does Shamrock Cocoa Plato and Shamrock Alto winning GCH
                 and Res GCH at the 2006 Ozark Empire Fair.  The 2006 Missouri State Fair 
                 saw them reverse their positions with Shamrock Alto going GCH
                 and Shamrock Coco Plato winning Res GCH.  Alto finished her GCH
                 by winning Res GCH at the TN State Fair, winning Res to a permanent
                 Champion doe.....giving him 2 permanent Champion daughters to date.
                  Semen is available on Salsa but limited.... priced at $35 per straw


                                    sire's sire   ++*B DIONYSISUS CARMELO'S SAN MARTIN

            sire   ++*B NIMRODEL SAUSALITO

                                   sire's dam   GCH NIMRODEL CLOVER'S CARMELA 6*M
                                                           AR40  ST46  CL38,35

                                   dam's dam   ++*B SWISS CHOCOLATE SCP JONATHAN
           dam   GCH OUTLAW ACRES TOOTLES 1*M

                                   dam's dam   GRACE-LANDS GLC RACHAEL

           This buck sires very correct daughters with loads of breed charater, high wide rear udders are his trademark.
           Salsa's twin sister was 2nd place 3 year old in her class at the 2003 ADGA National show....as well as being
           in the 1st place get of sire class with the National Champion.  Salsa has 8 daughters with their dry legs
           he has 3 does so far that has finished their GCH and has 3 daughters that have won their *M status.
           He was shown in the first annual SMDGA buck show and was Res GCH
    CH  Little-O-Acres Tootles Token, twin sister             Twin sister  CH Little-O-Acres Tootles Token in center, 03 ADGA National Get of Sire
      to Salsa, was 2nd place at the 03
      ADGA Nationals

                           Rob Mercer's AI daughter of Salsa, winning her dry leg at Little Rock, AR.
             ROYALTY RJC CANNON                 T1261872    T-14185
                       Cannon was shown  at the Boon Companions show 2007
                       and won Grand Champion buck in the AOP class in both shows
                       winning Best Buck In Show in ring 2 of that show!
               DOB    2/26/02

                                    sire's sire   REDBIRD JADE'S JUSTIFICATION

             sire   REDBIRD JUSTIFIED CABOO

                                    sire's dam   REDBIRD OF CAMARA

                                    dam's dam   PASHA PIP IDAHO POTATO

             dam   ROYALTY P.I.P. CURLEY Q

                                    dam's dam   ROYALTY L. CHAMMIE'S CRYSTAL

    Cannon's dam Curley Q won 3 GCH  and  several BDIS wins at 12 years of age.....
    His daughters and grand daughters have a lot of style and nicely attached udders. 
               Long and Level Toplines are his trademark.  Cannon offspring are a little small, very
               much the old timey Togg type with many having long curley hair.
    *B SHAMROCK EXCALABER DESTANY              L1269373P                       
                   POLLED                              DOB   4/19/03- 2/15/07                                                           

                                    sire's sire   GCH ++B LOCKHAVEN ROYDAN CARAB

            sire   EDER'S EXCALIBER

                                    sire's dam   GCH EDER'S XANDRA 7*M
                                                                                           ST44  CL 43,42,38,35

                                    dam's sire   *B OKIE-LADIES TRAILBLAZER

           dam   GCH THE SHILOH KID TBDD DELTA 1*M
                                                LA EEEV 91                                    

                                    dam's dam  TAL-LEE-HO DELTA DAWN

             This buck offers a different bloodline on purebred Toggs, he goes back through his sire to some
             really old Togg animals.  His dam has tremendous General Appearance, that he is transfering on to
             his prodgeny.  He has a son in another herd that is doing some great things.  DESTANY is POLLED.
             Destany was attacked by dogs and we lost him.  Limited amount of
             semen available, priced at $20 per straw

             GCH Shiloh Kid TBDD Delta*M  dam of Destany
              LA EEEV 91  

          SHAMROCK C WINCHESTER      T1388664

                 DOB 4/19/06  died   3/09

                                                                   AGS Redbird Justified Caboo

            +B  Royalty RJC Cannon

                                                                 Royalty P.I.P Curley Q
                                                                    Curley won 3 GCH wins as a 12 year old and won 2 BDIS

                                                                 +*B Little-O-Acres Salsa Seattle

           Shamrock Sugar-Pop  2*M 
            LA VEVE 89 3-316-2537-64-72
                                                                  Persimmon-Hill Lolly Pop 1*M

           Wincester is long and level, extreemly wide excutchen, with  strong pasterns.  Winchester was
            Grand Champion in 2 of the 4 rings  at the SMDGA Quad Buck Show 2007

                 HURICANE-PM HP PRIDE & GLORY              T1413586
                born 2/28/07  died  2/09

                                               *B LITTLE-RAINBOW SIR JEORGE
                           *B HURICANE-PM LRSJ PRIDE

                                                GCH P-K-ACRES KABUKI'S POLLYANNA
                                                         15*M LA2006,2004

                                               ++*BWHISPER'N'PINES MDKP JAGUAR

                           HURICANE-PM WNPH GLORIA

                                                GCH WHISPER'N'PINES WHITIN GODIVA



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