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Senior Lamancha Does                         



  Lucky VII had twin does a little over a week after this picture was taken, see them below, DD & Red

      SG  PANSY TLB LUCKY VII 4*M       (LUX)      L1052156
        LA VEEE 91   DOB 2/10/97

                                                                        sire's sire's sire   COASTSIDE FLYING JIB
                                   sire's sire  WINSTAR FLYING DUTCHMAN
                                                                        sire's sire's dam  OLYMPIC CHRISTINES SHY ANNIE
             sire   THE FLYING J LUCKY BUCK
                                                                         sire's dam's sire  WINSTAR DYNASTY'S DOMINO
                                   sire's dam  THE FLYING J R&P'S TRIXIE
                                                                         sire's dam's dam  WINSTAR SWEET PEACHES

                                                                         dam's sire's sire   ONE*OAK*HILL HARLEQUIN
                                    dam's sire  NICKEL'S RAGING BULL
                                                                         dam's sire's dam  CRAZY-HOLLOW BLACK VELVET
            dam  GCH PANSY MGR TANIA 3*M
                                                                         dam's dam's sire   K-LOU D KATMANDU
                                    dam's dam  SGCH PANSY DK MADI GRAS 4*M 
                                                                         dam's dam's dam  GCH MEADOW CREEK DOTTIE  2*M

            LUCKY VII is listed here for reference  only  we lost her 2 years ago before she had a chance to finish her
              GCH....she had 2 legs she won as a 2 year old.  Lux is related to all our LaManchas

            Pearly as a 2 year old first freshener.
                          dam of Gold Pearls....Rocky-Run Ebb's Pearly Shells
          dob   <<<<<Sold...>>>>>
       1/19/06                                               GOLD SPOTTED

                                                +*B PANSY MGD

                        *B SHAMROCK  MGD VINDICATOR

                                                THE FLYING J VANESSA 1*M

                                                 PANSY DLM CHEROKEE CHIEF

                      SG SHAMROCK GINGER BLUE 1*M
                                                 PANSY BLB GINGER BLUE
                                  sire's sire   *COASTSIDE SEA SPRAY

             sire  SG  ROCKY-RUN CSS EBB TIDE

                                 sire's dam  CH ROCKY-RUN ET CETERA

                                dam's sire   *B ROCKY-RUN ALEX EXCLUSIVE

             dam   ROCKY-RUN EX ELEGANT 4*M
                                  AR43      CL43,42

                                dam's dam   GCH ROCKY-RUN C ME E-SCAP-E



             SHAMROCK BLACKJACK VOODOO 2*M L1204650
               LA+VVV 85 dry        LA EEEE 91  6/29/2006
               DOB 6/4/01                  BLACK
               died  Nov 2010   
                                                          GCH 2005 Ozark Empire Fair Diane Hearney judging
                                                          GCH 2006 Ozark Empire Fair, Chuck Peterson judging!
                                                                    Res GCH at Tulsa State Fair,OK
                                                                              Aaron Carter judging.
                                                   sire's sire  +*B  PANSY MGD

           sire   *B   SHAMROCK BLACKJACK

                                   sire's dam  SG  PANSY TBL LUCKY VII 4*M
                                                      LA VEEE 91        2 GCH legs

                                  dam's sire   +*B MISCELLANEOUS SID'S CEASAR

            dam    THE FLYING J VANESSA *M

                                 dam's dam   THE FLYING J MOLLY B

      VooDoo won GCH 2005 & 2006 at the Ozark Empire Fair open show & The 4-H/FFA show as well
       First place Aged doe at Nashville, TN and Res GCH at Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa, OK...2006
       She is a very up-hill doe with lots of dairy charater and femenity, she has the largest  overall udder
       attchments of anyother doe in the herd, She has a long foreudder extension..  And she milks, even
         tho she freshened in July she will get her *M this year.  She is a doe on the small side but
          still has a very nice long bone pattern.  Voodoo is every bit her namesake.   Just as John White stated
          at the Linnear Appraisal Session, She many not be the biggest doe in the barn but she sure is
           one of the very best!
  SHAMROCK BLACKJACK VOODOO *M           Shamrock Blackjack Voodoo 2*M LA EEEE 91
   winning Grand Champion LaMancha at the               GCH OEF 06 & Res GCH Tulsa State Fair  06
                  Ozark Empire Fair 05

   Voo Doo bred to SHAMROCK HOT REVENGE for Dec kidding
                    DOB   2/28/2007                                   white
                                             KASTDEMUR'S BAD  RAP
                    *B   CH  Little Orchard BR Lyric
                                               LITTLE ORCHARD NM ELEGANT LADY

                                               KASTDEMUR'S  JRUMRUNNER       
                      CH UTOPIA SPARKLING OBSIDIAN   
                                                KASTDEMUR'S BLACK BEAUTY

                                  sire's sire   GCH +*B PANSY DP MEDICINE MAN

                       PANSY DLM CHEROKEE CHIEF

                                  sire's dam   WHIRLWIND DELIGHTFUL LADY

                                 dam's sire SG  ROCKY-RUN CSS EBB TIDE

             dam   ROCKY-RUN EBB'S PEARLY SHELLS 5*M

                                dam's dam   ROCKY-RUN EX ELEGANT 4*M

             Cowgirl has a beautiful udder
                Will be bred to Con-Artist for April kidding
              SHAMROCK VIZI VANNA *M    L1389713
                   DOB  1/19/06           white
              2-256-1872-54-47 in progress     

                                   sire's sire     SGCH Winterwood's Z Firestorm

             sire   GCH *B Lucky*Star's F Grand Vizier

                                   sire's dam SGCH Lucky*Star's QM Prismea 5*M 

                                   dam's sire  +*B Pansy MGD 

             dam  Shamrock Vanna 
                                   dam's sire   The Flying J Vanassa 1*M

We sold Vanna but have retained 2 of her daughters

                                      SHAMROCK SCARLET LOVE  5*M
                     DOB 6/30/03 /died 6/09             red and white
                    June 06 LA +V+E 86   4-206-1954-74-51

                                   sire's sire    WINSTAR CUSTOM DESIGN

            sire   +*B PANSY MGD

                                   sire's dam   SGCH PANSY DK MADI GRAS 2*M

                                   dam's sire    THE FLYING J LUCKY BUCK

            dam  SG  PANSY TLB LUCKY VII  4*M
                        LA VEEE 91 
                                   dam's dam    GCH PANSY MGR TANIA 3*M
            SHADO*N*SHAMROCK LEIA *M    L1315121
              DOB 6-10-04      blonde & white paint
                   4-267-1966-68-58  Died 1/2011

                                                sire's sire   +*B PANSY MGD

               sire   *B SHAMROCK MGD VINDICATOR

                                                 sire's dam   THE FLYING J VANESSA 1*M

                                                dam's sire   VELVET-ACRES TOUCH OF TIME

                 dam   SHAMROCK HONEY COMB

                                                dam's dam   SHAMROCK MGD RAGAE   5*M


                                                                                    The Flying J Vanessa *M
    SHAMROCK JOY VIVIAN  2*M    L1304383
     Dob  4-04     June LA +++V 83
                      3-255-1829-46-36  in progress                                            The Flying J Vanessa 1*M, grandam of Vivian and dam of VooDoo, Veronica 
                   sold                                                              Vindicator  and GCH Shamrock Lucky Charm 2*M, 

                                                                                                                *B   Nickles Salt and Pepper
                                                                               sires sire Shamrock S&P Liberty
                                                                                                                   SG Pansy TLB Lucky VII 4*M
                                sire OAKS WHISPER S Almond Joy
                                                                                                                  Windwood Cav-A-Lill Phil
                                                                              sires dam Shekinah Lands Kendra 1*M
                                                                                                                    Sekinah-Lands Looking Glass

                                                                                                                   Windstar Custom Design
                                                                              dams sire +*B Pansy MGD
                                                                                                                  SGCH Pansy DK Madi Gras 2*M

                             dam  Shamrock Veronika

                                                                                                               +*B Miscllaneous Sid's Ceaser
                                                                              dams dam The Flying J Vanessa  1*M
                                                                                                               The Flying J Molly B
         OAKSWHISPER GV X-ANDRA     L1400867

    dam of Xandra...... GCH KIRSHELLYN GOODTIME 2*M 
                                                 LA EEEE 92

                                                               SGCH++*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm

                                     GCH*B Lucky*Star's F Grand Vizier
                                                Yearling Appraisal score  EEE 90
                                                              GCH  Lucky*Star's QM Prismea 5*M 
                                                                                 LA VEEE 90
                                                               +B Winning-Ways Legend Luke
                                     GCH Kirshellyn Goodtime *M
                                        6/08 LA EEEE 92
                                                              SGCH Kirshellyn Dark Time *M
                                                                       LA EEEE 91

                   Goodtime was 3rd place 3 year old at the 2007 National show 
                        Goodtime did it again....3rd place...2008
                                     Goodtime as a yearling                              ADGA National Show
                      GCH Krishellyn Goodtime 1*M.... dam of X-Andra
                            Goodtime was just Appraised EEEE 92
       Thanks to Oaks Whisper for such a fine doe. 

         bred to Shamrock Hot Revenge for Jan kidding
                 SHAMROCK HOT ICEE       L1432698
                  dob 12/08/2007    white


                                     ++*B Tempo Scotty

            +*B South-Fork  SC Titan

                                      GCH Timber*Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M
                                                                                LA EEEE 90
*B South-Fork TTN Habanero

                                      ++B Timber*Cove M Sir Hershey

              GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M
                           LA EEEE 92

                                        South-Fork CH Firefly 3*M
                                                7/01  LA VEV+ 87

                                  GCH +*B Winterwoods XL Hudson

         *B South-Fork HD Courage

                                  GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M
                                            LA EEEE 92
South-Fork CR Cricket Legs 7*M
                                   Timber*Cove D Studly Dew Right

          South-Fork SD Cricket
                                     SGCH South-Fork Charming Cate 5*M

           SGCH South-Fork Charming Cate5*M   2007 ADGA Res National Champion
           GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M  2007 ADGA National Champion
                Icee will have recorded grade kids this year, OOP's
                 Obie buck got out.

           SHAMROCK L*S  VICTORIA      L1384144

           dob 4/3/06  died June 2010

                           +*B SG Tempo QK Notta Ross

 *B Lucky*Star's TR A-Treus  

                            SGCH Lucky*Star's QK A-Llure 5*M

                            *B Shamrock Blackjack

Shamrock Blackjack VooDoo 2*M

                              The Flying J Vanessa 1*M

see Mom VooDoo above  


            will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's AV X


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