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Senior Nigerian Does



                                         MK MARTHA, being shown by grandaughter Kayla Stewart
                                                 Kayla won the Little Miss Cassville padgent while showing
                                                                         her Nigerian doe Martha

           MK MARTHA      D-7365

            date of birth               Tan buckskin

                                                         sire's sire     GOODWOOD ALAMO MESSENGER

                               sire   GOODWOOD MALTESE FALCON

                                                        sire's dam    GOODWOOD ZIPPY MARTINI

                                                        dam's sire   WILLOW'S WHITE LIGHT'N  E

                               dam   HBF WHOOP D DOO  E

                                                       dam's dam   HAYSEED MAGABYTE
                              Our first Nigerian doe,  This doe is quite the milk producing doe, she has successfully raised
                               twins, triplets and quads.   Martha is wide both fore and rear with a smooth blending,
                               nicely extended fore udder, she could more height and width to her rear udder but she
                               has 2 GCH legs and numerous GCH wins.   We lost Martha this Dec 10, she died in her 
                               sleep of old age.

            SHAMROCK BOOT SCOOTN BOOGIE *M being shown by Kayla Stewart

           SHAMROCK BOOT SKOOTN BOOGIE 1*M *D      D1346472     D-19220
                 Barn name Boo, she is 22" tall at age 4
            date of birth    Black w/tan trim, Blue Eyes
              6/1/02      DHIA record  2.7-305-1060-49-45 
                 ADGA & AGS top ten lists, she was 5th place on the ADGA top 10
                  and 8th place on the AGS top 10

                                                         sire's sire   VELVET ACRES BLAZING PROMISE

                                sire   GRAMMES MENAGERIE BOOT SCOOTN

                                                        sire's dam   VELVET ACRES TIDDLEWINKS

                                                       dam's sire   CALOPIE ACRES MJ MILLIONARE

                             dam    SHAMROCK BABY BLUE BELL

                                                      dam's dam   SHILOH KID SC VANILLA

                Boo was 1st place 3 year old doe  at the 2006 SMDGA Quad show ring 4,  Boo is on
                 DHIA and made her *M/*D ...she  finished her lactation at
                            Boo  bred to Tiny Tales Dumbledore      

                                             SHAMROCK BARNIE BLAIR       D-27199

              date of birth   blue front white back

                                               sire's sire   MCH CESAR'S VILLA CBS COWPOKE +*S E

                           sire   *S PROMISED LAND DILLS BARN BURNER

                                               sire's dam   PROMISED LAND MAGIC MOMENT *D

                                               dam's sire   GRAMMES MENAGERIE I AM HUGGABLE

                           dam   SHAMROCK BUNNIE

                                               dam's dam   MK MARTHA
         Blair Bred July 28 to Tiny Tales Dumbledor  Blair Freshened Dec 24 with a buck and a 
                    doe kid, black and white buck kid is for sale.
   DILL'S LV KENYA              D1326377   D-27198
       Kenya is 19" tall
                    date of birth        Gold, Blue eyes

                                             sire's sire   WOODHAVEN FARMS ORLANDO

                         sire   WOODHAVEN FARMS LEVITHAN

                                             sire's dam   GREEN GATE FAIRY DUST

                                            dam's sire   GREEN GATE PRINCE OF TIDES

                        dam   TYNY CHINNENYE

                                           dam's dam   TYNY ITTI BITTI

                            Kenya is a tiny doe that is a joy to have, sweet and loveable she is going to
                             be a top show doe with a little time.  We thank Ellen Dill for letting us
                             have a chance to own this exceptional doe.  
                               Kenya bred to Tiny Tales Dumbledor for Dec kidding
                                  She had a single black doe kid with blue eyes that will be retained for the herd.

                             Kenya  with Micha (Mindi)  at the Ozark Empire Fair 05
                                    Look for more Lovely Nigerians at                      


          SHAMROCK SASHA          D1347787
              dob 2/15/05 

                                                              AGS Ceasar's Villa CBS Cowpoke

                AGS Promisedland Dill's Barn Burner

                                                              AGS Promisedland Magic Moment 

                                                              AGS Caliope Acres MJ Millionaire

                AGS Shamrock Baby Blue Bell

                                                            AGS Shiloh Kid CS Vanilla

                  Shasha  bred to Tiny Tales Dumbledor Sept. 24


                     Kyesha winning Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf doe.....
                     Yearling first freshener being shown at the Monett Jr Livestock  by
                     Grandson  Braiden Stewart,
          SHAMROCK X  KYESHA  D1401650   D-36835

              dob  2/6/2007  18.5" tall
           Blond with few white spots and  blue eyes

                                       Flat Rocks Nitro

                  AGS Dills N Explosion
                                         AGS Chisholm Trail Kalita  VG

                                         AGS Woodhaven Farms Leviathan

                   AGS Dills LV Kenya

                                          AGS Tiny Chenenye

                    Pictured as a yearling first freshener.  At the Monett Jr Livestock Show.
                      Kyesha was bred July26 to Tiny Tales Dumbledor, Kyesha freshened Dec 24 with
                       a blond and white doe kid with bllue eyes.

                  SHAMROCK X BETTY  BOOP   D1401649
                     dob 2/28/2007   20" tall
                   dark buckskin with some white and a few moonspots

                                           AGS Flat Rocks Nitro

             Dill's N Explosion

                                           AGS Chisholm Trail Kalita VG

                                            AGS Grammies Menagerie Boot Scootn

             Shamrock Boot Scootn Boogie 1*M

                                              AGS Shamrock Baby Blue Bell
         Betty will be bred to Tiny Tales Dumbledor


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